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Hi! I'm Juliet.

I'm a self-taught surface designer, and over the past few years I've grown from only dreaming of painting and designing products for companies, to running my art business full-time by collaborating with others and producing my own product collections.

I get to work with companies big and small, on all kinds of projects from fabric, to wallpaper, kids' clothing, planner covers, even dog collars, to name a few. The variety of what you get to create when licensing your art is thrilling!

I believe in the power of DIY-ing your art licensing career. I've never partnered with an art agent or exhibited at costly trade shows, and yet I've worked with art licensing clients all over the world including Anthropologie,, and Birchbox, and more. 

My passion is to teach other artists how they can do the same. YES, even if you're brand new to running an art business. My goal is to help position your approach to your art licensing business with strategy, intention, and a focus on cultivating your personal inspirations.

We don't need cookie cutter art, we need YOU and your unique style. I'm here to help you bring that to the world, so you can collaborate with the clients you love.

Let's create a lifestyle and business that works for you.

Read my blog or join my newsletter for my free resources for artists!